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For those of us who have a passion for photography, of course, we are familiar with Lightroom software. This portrait editing application really helps you to change and edit photos, so that the results obtained will be better and more satisfying. Lightroom mod apk is almost the same as other portrait editing software, such as Photoshop, but more practical.

When compared to other portrait editing software, Lightroom has many advantages. One of the advantages of Lightroom mod lies in its easy and light operating system, so it can be used on smartphones. To understand more clearly about the Lightroom mod software, see the following discussion.


Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk Review

The Lightroom mod application can also be used on Android or iOS devices to help meet the needs of the millennial generation who likes to upload contemporary photos on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. This editing application really helps you in processing portraits with easy and practical techniques.

The Lightroom mod application provides features and tools such as healing brushes, cloud storage, discerning alterations, Adobe Sensei features, geometry, and a number of other features that will help you get maximum and satisfying portrait results. Not only that, this software also provides presets, so you can give a touch of unique and cool effects and tones.


Download Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

The following is the download of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk, as follows:

App Adobe Lightroom
Category Photography
Version 7.1.1
Compatible with 5.0 Android and Up
Size 226 MB

Silahkan Tunggu dalam 15 Detik.

Lightroom Mod Apk Features

The following are the features found in the Lightroom mod software:


1. ISO

This feature will process and make your portraits have good quality with high resolution, like the quality obtained by modern cameras with powerful features.

2. Crop

This feature is useful for shaving or trimming the part of the portrait that you want to remove according to your wishes.

3. Tone Curve

This feature is a built-in feature of the Lightroom software, its use is to brighten and darken elements in the portrait that we want. The way this feature works is by pushing up and down the graph or curve to get the desired brightness.


4. Vignetting

The vignetting feature in Lightroom is useful for darkening the edges of the photo. This feature is often used to correct problems that occur in images with a landscape position, so that they can display the same blue sky color as the original appearance on the wholesale frame.

5. Split Tone

The function of this feature is to process the color tone in the photo, so that the portrait display becomes bluish, and looks cold.

6. Color B&W

This feature is a focus feature on the Lightroom mod software. This feature is useful for changing and adjusting colors in portraits to increase the quality of portraits to be more unique and cool. With this feature, we can process colors and maximize faded colors to become brighter.

7. Spot Removal and Adjustment Brush

This feature is useful for beautifying the appearance of portraits and is useful for washing distracting objects, such as dots, spots, and acne spots on the face, so that the portrait results will look smoother.

8. Optic

This feature allows users to correct problems that occur in images / photos. One example of the function of the optical feature is that it can improve the results of portraits using fish eye lenses which sometimes have distortions that are not symmetrical enough.