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Airport City MOD is the perfect game for anyone who is interested in airport development management and everything related to aviation.

This simulation type game can also cure your boredom of playing a lot of car simulator games with an interesting flying gang story.

In addition, Jaka has also prepared a download link for the MOD APK version of the game so that you can enjoy the interesting features offered.

What made you want to try this game and what are the advantages of the MOD version? Here is more information!


What is The Airport City?

Airport City – Transport Manager is an Android game developed by Game Insight. The game features a flight simulation where you are the captain and are in charge of improving the airport and everything related to it.

The game will depend on your strategy to build the coolest airport in the world and you have an advanced plane that will carry more passengers.

You can also fly around the world to collect unique items and interact with other users in different countries. This is good, isn’t it?

Download Airport City MOD APK

Now is the time to download Airport City mod so you can start playing right away with premium features that were not included in the original version.


Nama Aplikasi Airport City
Kategori Simulation
Versi 8.25.3
Perangkat Disarankan 4.4 atau Lebih
Ukuran 152 MB

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Things you need to know when you join this game

Airport City is one of the most popular games today. This is the best all-in-one airplane game ever with the latest version.

Shift from manual labor like farming and farm farming to modern workforce and build your city; Over time it has grown into a large and royal city, the best international airport in the country.

This game will be repeated every day because there are many flights back and forth so that you are always active and active to improve and improve your city, to make it more complete and beautiful.

Terminal Building, Aviation District

In Airport City, construction and design, combined with creativity, build a complete modern, high-quality terminal to fly your custom plane to new places in the world you want to go.

Your work is very light. You just have to take your plane in the air around the city and want to land, and drop it anywhere.

During your adventure, there will be many stories and many memories that you will definitely not forget. Apart from that, you can also bring souvenirs from the resort.

Excellent and quick management skills

To be able to manage and build a super modern city, certain elements and systems are required. You must apply the knowledge you have learned and your life experiences to complete the assigned task well.

You should make use of good management skills in order to be able to upgrade and develop your infrastructure. Whether you are someone who knows nothing about management or who knows nothing about it, you will learn a lot through this small game screen.


You play a big role in building and designing the entire city in a super modern and fast growing way. Homes appeared and were built quickly.

You have the right to get out of the wasteland and unpredictable environment; It is very stylish and modern.

In addition, you have to be smart while playing and know how you choose to join to complete missions as quickly as possible and participate in competitions.

To make your game more interesting and interesting, you need to be a very talented and attentive cargo captain.

Challenge your driving skills

This game will face you some challenges; You will test your commando skills in flight and everything in the airport and you will build your own collection of planes of all brands and certainly many colors, different in subtle ways.

To be able to fairly complete the task of being a tycoon, you are constantly trying and competing every day to actually build the city.

You are completely enjoying and running an international transport hub, thousands of beautiful houses appeared, all the tourist attractions that are really interesting and interesting, contrary to popular belief.

Post theme and special benefits

Airport City is a city simulation game that anyone can take part in. He doesn’t ask about age and gender, not even nationality.

In addition, this game will provide an exciting experience every time you play. Basically, it’s completely free to play, and unlimited play.

You don’t need to spend any money and you can still install it on your device for free.

Also, while playing, you have to practice the opening words and get to know the sisters, as well as getting them to play together.

Thus, increasing interactions between characters and between people with similar interests in city simulation, flight simulation, and more.

It will be very beneficial if you create a harmonious relationship between these two factors to become a giant. Come to the airport city to experience a world of your own.

Airport City Mod Apk Features

Apart from not being bothered by the annoying ads that suddenly appear on your phone screen, the MOD APK offered by ApkVenue also promises premium features without having to spend money.


Here are the excellent features of the MOD version that you will surely love:

1. Free in-game purchases

Originally, Airport City forced the purchase of items ranging in price from $0.99 to $119.99. Of course, these items are rare and exclusive, gang.

But don’t worry because you can also get it for free with this MOD APK.

2. Unlimited Money

You will never run out of money or other resources in the game because all your purchases are free with this MOD and you will also get unlimited money.

In order to access the APK MOD version of the game to be safe from ban, Jaka will ask you to turn off your internet connection while playing, and gear.