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It seems that until now the game Among Us is still being played by all game lovers. This is proven, there are still not a few who dig the Mod or Modified version of this game. Well, the Mod Among Us that is the least sought after is Among US Mod Apk So Impostor. Yups, you could say that there are more and more people who dig the download link among us mod apk to be this impostor, maybe it’s you, guys.

As usual, at this opportunity and in this article I want to discuss the Among Us Mod Apk So Impostor. I’m not just peeling it, but I’ll also submit the download link among us mod apk to be this impostor, guys.

Well, for those of you who are an Among Us game player and are digging the download link for the Mod version, then you really have to watch this discussion until it’s finished, huh! Yes, instead of waiting too long, it’s better to just go ahead, let’s go to the first review this time.

Download Among Us Mod Apk

among us

App Among Us
Category Action
Version 2022.7.12
Compatible with 4.4 Android and Up
Size 166 MB

Silahkan Tunggu dalam 15 Detik.

What Is Among Us?


The game among us is one of the simple games but fun to play while increasing our abilities, especially in working together in one team, even though if you become an impostor you have to cheat and betray in order to win.

The background of the game among us itself is that some players are traveling on an outer space ship consisting of 4 to 10 players. For a number of crewmates, they were assigned the task of completing the mission and it turned out that an impostor was found.

Impostors themselves are actually deliberately assigned to target crewmates. A fairly effective strategy to confuse all crewmates is to pretend to be crewmates so that they can publish their own fellow teammates without realizing that you are the impostor.

If you are a crewmates or impostor, you should not be afraid because in this among us mod software there are exclusive features that you can use specifically for crewmates and also an exclusive impostor menu feature.

But of course using cheats or mod game software among us like this can make you bored quickly because you will definitely win with complete features, so it’s better to play with legitimate games without cheats and play using strategies.

Among Us feature

Well, I’ve been looking for information about the features of the Among Us Mod Apk So Impostor, just look at the news below.


1. No Kill Cooldown

This feature will help you the most to kill all crewmates.

So, with this feature, you can kill a number of crewmate players at once, guys.

In the official version, you can only kill a crewmate again, after waiting a few seconds.

Obviously, this affair can make you find out quickly, if you are the impostor.

Now, if you want to win and continue playing this, then you can use Among Us Mod very often to become an Impostor.

2. Unlock All Skin

The next feature offered is that you can use all available skins.

Of course, you can use this skin for free, you know. Yes, it’s free without paying.

Because all skins have been opened, so you don’t have to make a payment first to use the skin you want.

Immediately, you download Among Us Mod Apk to become an impostor and skin?

3. Unlock All Pet

You can also choose a pet or pet to bring along in the game.

Yups, that’s true for this Mod version, all pets are open and you can use them for free.

It will definitely be more stylish if you can play with a cute pet.


4. Unlock All Hat

Well, the hat or hat item in the Mod version of the Among Us game has opened everything, guys.

That way, you can really dress up your character with this cool hat.

5. Speed

There is also a speed feature. You can use this feature so that your character can run the fastest.

So, it will be easier for you to win the Among Us game that you are playing.

Those are the four features of the Among Us Mod Apk being the Impostor or Among Us version of the Mod.

If one of you is interested in downloading and playing the game Among Us Mod Apk, then you can download this Mod version of Among Us on this website.


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