20 The Best Crypto Wallet to Save Bitcoin Money In 2023

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Best Crypto Wallet – A survey related to crypto was recently issued in Indonesia, and the results show that crypto assets occupy the top five status as investment options in Indonesia, with quite a surprising percentage.

The achievements obtained by crypto assets are at 11.69%, and the right place is under gold investments (25.51%), mutual funds (14.75%), and time deposits (13.57%). Property is in 5th position with 11.64%.

The results of this survey can be concluded that Indonesian citizens are open to crypto, and it is predicted that the number of investors will increase.

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Best Crypto Wallet Reference

Collecting crypto assets is different from several other assets, because everything is done digitally. Unlike fiat money (paper money), crypto money has no physical form, which means it can only be placed in a digital wallet (crypto wallet).

Crypto assets placed in a wallet can be cashed out, but the process is slightly different from doing business money in general. The following is a list of the best crypto wallets that we refer to.

1. MetaMask

One of the crypto wallet references that is quite widely used to store crypto money is MetaMask. The popularity of this wallet has increased along with the number of crypto investors investing in Ethereum (ETH).


MetaMask itself doesn’t only act as a wallet for crypto, because this base is a program that has a wallet as part of its features, apart from an internal browser.

Apart from storing crypto money, MetaMask can also be used to store other digital assets, in the form of NFT collections, which can be traded using crypto money.

As a wallet specially made for storing crypto money or ETH tokens, MetaMask has the simplest interface design, with several menus that are easy to use. The security mechanism is quite high, including using a fingerprint scanner to access it.

2. Indodax

Indodax is a pioneering crypto platform in Indonesia that provides crypto asset trading services, as well as a crypto wallet for storing various digital money assets (cryptocurrencies), with terms and conditions based on Indonesian law.


One of the advantages of Indodax is the service of exchanging crypto money into Rupiah through an easy process, directly to the user’s bank account that has been registered on the platform. Besides that, direct users can monitor the crypto market without the need to open other sites or programs.

Indodax accepts business transactions for more than 50 types of cryptocurrencies on the market, starting from BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, CBG, USDT, VCG, HNST, BNB, VRA, FTM, and many others. These advantages have made Indodax one of the well-known ones used in Indonesia.

3. Trezor

As a crypto wallet in the form of the oldest hardware among all current wallets, Trezor is still a popular option among crypto investor groups, what’s more, this crypto wallet accepts more than a thousand types of crypto money starting from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH ), until Dash.


Base security is of more concern than the Trezor base, by applying a PIN mechanism that makes sure it will be a hassle for burglars, because the waiting time to enter the PIN will increase if the wrong code is entered. The PIN used is also always new every time this crypto wallet is reached.

This very good security is the result of Trezor’s collaboration with the Electrum and Copay security platforms, which are popular for digital security mechanisms that are hard to crack.

4. Doors

Pintu is an Indonesian crypto trading platform that has been registered and monitored by BAPPEBTI and offers crypto asset storage services using a custodian with a guarantee, so that users can store, send and receive crypto money with guaranteed security.


Besides that, Pintu offers a Rupiah deposit service as a crypto asset that can be transferred directly to bank accounts in Indonesia such as BCA, BNI, Bank Mandiri, and Bank Permata, to digital wallets OVO, GoPay, and ShopeePay.

Withdrawal of crypto assets to Rupiah can also be carried out at a fee of IDR 4500 per business transaction. For investment purposes, Pintu accepts various types of crypto money starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, Compound, and many others.

5. Ledger Nano S

The reputation of the Ledger Nano S crypto wallet is increasing along with the increasing number of investors and traders of crypto assets using Ethereum (ETH), because the features and how to use it are quite easy, including the fee which is not too expensive.

Ledger Nano S

As in other crypto wallets, the Ledger Nano S which is in the form of a USB-like hardware device is popular for its security mechanism which is difficult to crack. The risk of a user’s account being hacked is extremely low. The security mechanism itself uses a PIN.

Ledger Nano S provides support for more than a thousand existing types of crypto money a on the market starting from Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and many others. It’s not strange that this crypto wallet is included in our reference list.

6. eToro

For users who want a crypto wallet with complete features, while buying and selling crypto assets in USD currency, therefore the eToro crypto wallet can be one of the best choices to use.


Apart from crypto money, eToro is quite popular as a trading base for CFD, ETF, and Forex trading. Users can keep an eye on changes in digital stocks, and make business transactions if they feel the time is right.

7. Mist

Mist’s crypto wallet is probably not that well-known among crypto asset owners, only because it only accepts two types of crypto currency, namely ETH and ERC20. Naturally, because this crypto wallet was made directly by the creators of Ethereum.

Besides that, the slightly difficult usage steps also play a role in making this crypto wallet less popular. Even so, we still put it on the list of the best crypto wallets, not without argument.

Mist uses the ShapeShift mechanism which is directly integrated into its platform, thus providing more benefits for users to buy ETH using other digital currencies (BTC). Besides that, users can also make purchases using fiat currency.

8. Exodus

After a crypto wallet which is a bit difficult to use like Mist, this Exodus is the opposite, because it’s quite easy to use, especially for users who are entering crypto asset trading for the first time.

Exodus crypto wallet uses the ShapeShift mechanism which allows it to be used for easy trading, be it between crypto money, or maybe with fiat money as the official currency of every country.

Even so, it’s a shame Exodus hasn’t provided support for many types of crypto money, because the platform can only accept around 100 types of crypto currency. But you don’t need to worry, the types of crypto money that exist are quite popular, such as Ethereum, Golem, Litecoin, to Bitcoin.

9. Luna

If you ask crypto traders in Indonesia about what crypto wallet do they use most for storing and doing business? We believe someone will want to answer Luno. We also don’t know for sure why this crypto wallet can be famous in Indonesia.

But after trying it ourselves, in the end we understand. the Luno crypto wallet is quite easy to use, and the security mechanism is quite good. Besides that, direct users can replace crypto money and transfer it to banks in Indonesia.

10. Blockchain

The name Blockchain is no stranger to the crypto world. In fact, that name is the most popular and often mentioned on almost every cryptocurrency topic and review. Its core advantage is the security of doing business.

Blockchain gained its fame because of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and along with the increasing number of types of digital money, this crypto wallet accepts various types of crypto currency starting from BTC, ETH, DeFi, to Stablecoins and many.

11. Coinbase

Crypto wallet Coinbase is one of our best crypto wallet references because of its popularity, as well as the number of features it has. This wallet is also the most frequently used to store various types of popular crypto money such as BTC, ETH, and Litecoin.

For crypto players in Indonesia who prefer to do business with USD fiat currency, because of that Coinbase is the most suitable option. But if the intention is to replace crypto money into Rupiah, then it’s not recommended.

Coinbase uses the services of a base exchanger for the conversion of cryptocurrencies to currencies other than USD, so that users will be charged quite a lot. What else to exchange into Rupiah, which in your opinion is not worth it.

Even so, this crypto wallet is undeniably the best, what’s more if it has highlighted its very strict security mechanism, so that the crypto assets stored are safer because accounts are not easily broken into.

12. Electrum

Like Exodus, the Electrum crypto wallet is considered the easiest crypto wallet to use, because the menu and mechanism are quite simple. The appearance of the interface can also be called minimalistic, because this wallet concentrates more on speed.

Electrum is well-known among Bitcoin crypto asset owners, because only that cryptocurrency can be placed in this wallet. Its role is also only for storage, so users cannot do any business transactions through the platform.

13. BitBox

Sometimes companies that are far from the cryptocurrency issue are riding the wave and creating their own versions of crypto wallets, including the Line messaging program that creates a hardware crypto wallet called Bitbox.

Singapore-based company Line Corporation and LVC Corporation have joined hands to release Bitbox which can be used to store various types of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Apart from saving, users can also do business.

14. Mycelium

For users who are more comfortable doing business in crypto assets via mobile phones, therefore the Mycelium crypto wallet is the right choice because this wallet is specifically made only for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The interface design appearance is quite simple, with menus and features that are easy to use. Users can save and send Bitcoin, Ether, Tether USD, Coin USD, and Binance USD crypto money.

The types of crypto money that are accepted are very limited, but by using the Mycelium crypto wallet, business transactions involving Bitcoin, especially to be exchanged into fiat currency, are very easy to carry out. The security is guaranteed through a PIN mechanism.

15. Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin Core base was developed directly by the Bitcoin makers, and until now it is one of the most frequently used crypto wallet bases around the world, because it has a fairly high security mechanism.

Besides that, this crypto wallet is also simple because it doesn’t have many features, so it’s perfect for users who only want to use it to store crypto assets.

16. Edge

this crypto wallet is one of the only references because it’s quite easy to use, while at the same time it has a fairly high level of security, especially regarding personal data. This wallet is included in the ranks of the most secure crypto wallets in the world.

Various types of crypto money can be placed on Edge, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, and many others. This wallet can carry out various types of business transactions, such as buying and selling crypto assets, to exchanging them into fiat currency.

17. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is popular because of its speed and security, besides that, this crypto wallet already works together with various programs to be used as a legal business transaction system that can be trusted.

Trust Wallet

The security mechanism has a biometric mechanism, so users can use the fingerprint sensor to access it. A security choice that makes users feel safe to store crypto assets.

Trust Wallet has provided support for various types of crypto money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Koin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Polkadr, Smartchain, and many others. With all its advantages, because it’s only natural for this crypto wallet to be on our reference list.

18. Coinomi

The Coinomi crypto wallet which is often used in several worlds is popular for its security mechanism and support for the many types of crypto currencies that are spread on the market. No kidding, users can store up to 1770 types of crypto money.

Besides that, Coinomi provides support for 168 fiat currencies from various countries, and uses 25 languages on its platform. For beginner crypto players, Coinomi is our recommended crypto wallet.

19. Freewallets

One of the advantages of the Freewallet crypto wallet is the multi-platform that can be used either via a computer or netbook, to Android and iOS mobile devices. This wallet is popular because of the ease of doing business fast and without admin fees for fellow Freewallet users.

this crypto wallet has provided support for more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies on the market such as BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, XLM < BNB, TRX, LTC, and many others. One of the features that is rarely or maybe doesn’t have by other crypto wallets is that it can top up cellphone credit.

20. KeepKey

KeepKey is a hardware crypto wallet whose platform uses the ShapeShift mechanism, so that users can replace crypto money with other types of crypto money or replace crypto money with fiat money.

KeepKey provides support for many types of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, BNN, LINK, and many more. The exchange process is also fast because it will be completed in just seconds.