10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles 2023

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Best Personal Injury Lawyers – The best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are experienced with the ins and outs of California law, have a track record of successfully negotiating settlements and are ready and able to win judgments in court.

There are many great personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, and our guide can help you find one that is the best.

To come up with this list of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, Forbes Advisors considered many options. See our Methodology section below for a detailed breakdown of how we select the attorneys on our list.

Best Personal Injury Lawyers

List of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

The following is a list of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, including:

1. Michael L. Baum

In his 37 years in practice, Michael L. Baum has been instrumental in advancing consumer rights and protections in California and across the country.

Today, Baum directs his company’s mass tort litigation and has handled dozens of high-profile cases throughout his career.

Highlights include successful litigation against major pharmaceutical industry and chemical manufacturers, including this year’s 2019 mass lawsuit against Monsanto over their Roundup product.

  • Practice area
  • mass lawsuit
  • Liability of medical and pharmaceutical products
  • class act
  • Whistleblower Lawsuit

2. Kevin R. Boyle

Over the decades of his career, Kevin R. Boyle has represented many injured victims in matters ranging from invasion of privacy to loss of property to unnatural deaths.

Boyle was a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and co-counsel in the case that resulted in the US military’s largest wrongful death sentence.

  • Practice area
  • Wrong death
  • Catastrophic personal injury
  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Fraud and invasion of privacy

3. Bruce A. Broillet

When an attorney lands a multi-billion dollar settlement for an area, it is almost certain that they will be listed as one of the best in that area.

Bruce Broillet secures the County of Los Angeles a $3.3 billion settlement from tobacco companies. Additionally, he has won high-profile personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and invasions of privacy convictions over the decades.

He even won the largest medical malpractice conviction in California history, while contributing articles and chapters to publications and textbooks to extend his knowledge to others.

  • Practice area
  • Wrong death
  • Catastrophic personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Professional malpractice
  • Business litigation

4. Ronald Feenberg

With more than 50 years of experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation, G. Ronald Feenberg has conducted litigation, taught and testified on complex personal injury issues.

He was active in the first lawsuits regarding brain injuries stemming from professional football and has been a lecturer in workers’ compensation at UCLA School of Law since 1999.

  • Practice area
  • Worker Compensation, Personal Injury

5. Steven A. Heimberg

Dr. Stephen Heimberg is one of the few medical doctors to practice law, making him uniquely qualified to represent clients in medical device and injury cases.

Applying his medical and legal training to medical malpractice cases has enabled him to successfully achieve profitable outcomes for clients.

  • Practice area
  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability

6. Pete Kaufman

Although he has only been practicing in California since 2010—before filing mass lawsuits from Florida—Pete Kaufman has won millions in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

He has worked on various class actions involving pharmaceutical products and has worked on personal injury and wrongful death cases that have earned him tens of millions of dollars.

  • Practice area
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Mass lawsuit
  • Product liability

7. Philip Michels

Philip Michels has an outstanding record of personal injury success, with multiple awards for excellence in litigation, medical malpractice and consumer protection.

  • Practice area
  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injury
  • Brain injury spinal cord injury
  • Child injury
  • Personal injury

8. David M. Ring

David Ring has represented survivors and victims of sexual assault while working with schools, religious organizations and celebrities such as Harvey Weinstein.

Many of Ring’s cases received national attention, and publications credited him as an attorney for high-profile sexual assault victims.

  • Practice area
  • Sexual harassment
  • Personal injury
  • Wrong death
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Product liability and premise

9. Lyssa A. Roberts

Lyssa Roberts has won tens of millions of dollars for victims of corporate negligence. More recently, he has worked extensively on litigation arising from the wildfires and resulting loss of property and life in California.

He has won many awards and regularly appears on best lists for Los Angeles and California as a whole.

  • Practice area
  • Personal injury
  • Wrong death
  • Premise responsibility

10. Dennis J. Sherwin

Practicing as a personal injury attorney since 1972, Dennis Sherwin has represented injured people and those who have lost loved ones to unnatural deaths over the past 50 years.

Sherwin also served as high court arbitrator and as an independent mediator.

  • Practice area
  • Personal injury
  • Wrong death

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Personal injury lawyers help those injured in an accident get the financial support they deserve from the party responsible (or their insurance company).

While personal injury is a niche in itself for lawyers, there are deeper areas of focus within it that lawyers may have. For example, a workers compensation specialist may not have the same success rate with car accidents as a lawyer specializing in that arena. Finding the right personal injury attorney requires judgment and knowing what to look for.

Here’s what you should consider when trying to find a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Start With References

Before you start a Google search, talk to family and friends to see if you can get references for personal injury lawyers in your area. Most people have at least one person in their network who was injured in an accident and needs a lawyer. If you’ve used an attorney for divorce, bankruptcy, traffic tickets, etc., contact them and ask for a referral.

You should also contact the Los Angeles District Attorney Referral Service for a referral. The California Bar Association also maintains a referral service.

By asking for references, you can quickly get a list of lawyers to recommend—or lawyers you should avoid.

Seek Experience With Your Claim Type

You may want someone who specializes in your type of claim.

For example, motorcycle accidents are handled differently from industrial accidents. Claims involving a defective product are different from pedestrian accidents.

Ask an attorney if they have experience dealing with claims like yours. Experience means they will understand the issues involved, potential parties to responsibility, and how best to prepare your case for success. This often translates to better service and higher completion counts.

Find Litigators

While 96% of personal injury cases are resolved, you want to know you have someone experienced to stand trial if necessary. If your claim is complex, involves very serious injury, or arises from unusual or unique circumstances, you may need to attend a trial to get what you deserve.

Ask the attorney about their trial experience and success rates. If the attorney can’t name their level of success, you may want to consider that they don’t have the right skills for the job.

Work on Contingency Costs

Don’t sign up with an attorney who wants to charge you an hourly rate. Find a lawyer to handle contingencies. Contingency means that they only get paid if and when you get paid. They are in the hands of your success!

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys charge anywhere from 33% to 40% of the settlement or award for their services. Anyone who charges more than the average should have a lot of experience and success to back up their rate.

Maintain a Professional Office

You can notify a professional office when you enter. The office should look clean, organized and pleasant.

Listen to how the receptionist talks to callers and note whether the attorney has a good understanding of who their client is and the details of their case. A professional office will usually help you feel more confident in your attorney’s abilities and will make you feel heard when you call with questions.

It is also true that a lawyer has to be relatively successful to have a comfortable, pleasant, and well-staffed office. Also consider how lawyers and staff interact with other people. This is a good sign of the level of respect and consideration you can expect when you become a client.