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Online Cinema Apk is a cinema or movie streaming app that is on the rise because it is going viral on many social media.

We all know that the offline movie industry seems to be on a pause for animation due to the pandemic that has hit this country.

Cinemas, where thousands of citizens watch films, are forced to close for a long period of time due to the pandemic.

With the spread of the virus, the parties involved did not remain silent and lament their fate, and eventually many companies switched to offering online streaming applications to watch movies.

One of the online cinema watching app is the online cinema apk, let’s review it together.

About Online Cinema APK

Online cinema app is an app created by Rumah Sinema Indonesia to meet the needs of Indonesians who want to continue watching cinemas during the pandemic.


With this app, of course, you can stay at home without having to go out and get crowded.

Online cinemas don’t offer premium membership etc, which is what makes it unique, because the purchasing system depends on the cinema you want to watch.

So you will be asked to pay according to the ticket price to watch cinemas in general, and you can pay using OVO, GoPay, LinkAja and other e-wallets.

Besides being easy and only being charged for what we want to watch, the movies we watch are of course legal and official, so we directly support the progress of the movie in Indonesia.

Features of Online Cinema APK

Like other movie watching apps, APK Online Cinema definitely has many features that make it superior.

Here are some of the features that you can get, if you use the app:


1. Watch movies without subscription

The first feature that you can enjoy is watching movies without paying a subscription fee, just like other movie watching apps.

In this application, you only need to rent the movies in Online Cinema APK to enjoy.

2. Pay for tickets like a real cinema

As mentioned in the previous point, you do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

You just need to buy a ticket to watch the movie you want. This system is like watching a movie in a real cinema.

Later, you can watch the movie you rent as much as you want in about 2 x 24 hours or two.


However, if you haven’t watched more than that, you’ll need to pay again to get access to the movie.

You can also pay rent using various e-wallets and virtual accounts. Therefore, it is easier for you to pay for it.

3. Extremely high quality movies

You can access many movies on this app as it provides different genres of movies from different countries.

In addition, you can also enjoy movies in APK Online Cinema in HD or HD video quality.

The movies presented in this app are not fake movies, but high quality movies that are fun to watch.

Download Cinema Online Free

The most expensive, legal and cheap online movie watching application, one of them is this application, the gang.

With all the online cinema streaming features that support local Indonesian movies, you can also enjoy streaming local events online.


So for those who are impatient, you can download and install it directly from your mobile phone via Playstore, or you can download it here.

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How to use the online cinema app

  • Download and install first on the link above, or directly via playstore,
  • Search and select the cinema or movie you want to watch,
  • If so, select the payment method that best suits your e-wallet,
  • Done and happy watching!

Continue to support the world of local Indonesian films with this application, in addition to being entertaining, it is also interesting to fill your spare time.