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Cafeland – World Kitchen (MOD, Unlimited Money) – In this game, you can create your own virtual cafe and promote it to people from your virtual city.

Hire a chef, upgrade and buy a stove and oven, you can also create your own personal design in the hall and the whole kitchen, garden.


Prepare dishes from different countries, fast food, snacks, and desserts, the game contains everything you need to create the perfect coffee shop. For this reason, successful people often adopt a strategic approach and invest large amounts of money in their projects.

A very passionate coffee, with this drink, you always want to fail in your career.

If you have the same passion, do not hesitate to open a coffee shop.

However, if you don’t have enough money to start your own restaurant, download Cafeland – World Kitchen thousands of themes and hundreds of different levels. This cafe is huge with many employees who can attract more recipes and famous customers on every level in the restaurant.

These pictures give you an idea of ​​a beautiful future, please be happy, although this is just a game, they will serve as a basis for ideas for future owners. To download and start the game automatically, your cafeteria platform sells a counter,

The counter, the chase is ready for you, but the scale just looks so small.

Before the guests, their job here was really good and orders were reduced due to lack of branding and prestige.

Let’s make the coffee of your dreams. Besides, you not only drink cafes, but you also drink different types of food.

Food is more than just a regular restaurant because besides traditional food, creativity is also on display in cake decorating. Manage your cafe and restaurant. If you are interested in improving your kitchen, new dishes are great.

If you have a special place and attractive décor, you can invite celebrities to come and have fun. The game has two cafes and a lot of simulation games and that’s a solid foundation.

Cafeland – World cuisine setting is the perfect pure product.

Download your own cafe, produce thousands of cakes, and make big profits.

To ensure the quality and atmosphere of the simulation app / game, everyone will always advise users to download the latest version of Cafeland – World Kitchen (MOD, Unlimited Money) Apk. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store. But it will only give you the original version. You don’t have to worry about the modded version and those who have problems accessing the Google Play Store or are unable to download the app due to other reasons. We are here to solve all your problems. Several websites claim to provide the latest update for Cafeland – World Kitchen (MOD, Unlimited Money) Apk, but nothing really proves this point.

Download Cafeland Mod Apk


App Cafeland
Category Simulation
Version 2.2.3
Compatible with 4.1 Android and Up
Size 93 MB

Please Wait in 15 Seconds.

Cafeland features


Become a chef

  • Offer dishes from a variety of dishes.
  • Cook on multiple stoves and serve a variety of foods
  • Unlock new recipes and expand your menu.
  • Fill your counters with a plate of delicious dishes to delight your customers.
  • Choose from a variety of food categories.
  • Make the best burger in Chef Town.
  • Produce high quality seafood.
  • Roll out the dough to get a crunchy pizza.
  • Bake a moist chocolate cake.
  • Prepare the soup.
  • Bake, boil, fry or sauté it; Every dish will come out as perfect!

Private coffee shop design

  • Choose from hundreds of fancy decorations.
  • Build special materials to increase your income.
  • Cover walls and floors with just one click!
  • Open a directory.
  • Designed by Hip Bistro.
  • Manage a seafood restaurant.
  • Own a luxurious place.
  • Entertain VIPs in the Celebrity Room.
  • Be the owner of luxury restaurants.
  • Take over the city!
  • Design and decorate a world-famous coffee shop!


Exciting celebrations and win prizes!

  • Invite celebrities to your place from all over the world.
  • Prepare your coffee shop to host them.
  • Get great reviews and win mysterious prizes!

Serving business rules

  • Race against time to prepare catering orders.
  • Fill out lunch boxes with different food categories.
  • Providing delicious meals for discerning clients.
  • Get help from your friends!
  • Get great cash and prizes for completing catering orders!

Be a 5-star chef

  • Be the ruler of this café world!
  • Listen to your customers and discover the good and the bad.
  • Keep the area clean.
  • Expand to get more space!
  • Increase your capacity.
  • Fill up the vending machine!
  • Decorate it to your heart’s desire!
  • And make it fun for everyone!

Play with friends and be a community

  • Visit your friends and help them.
  • Send mysterious gifts to each other.
  • Get help with your restaurant business.
  • Join the community and meet new chefs!

Overcome kitchen quests

  • Meet the Caveland crew and let them guide you along the way.
  • Complete the quests alongside Eva!
  • Let Katie help you with the duties of the supervisor.
  • Ask for Chris when there’s an item to build.
  • Join Grandpa Tony in trying his new recipe!