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Thank you for downloading our list maker guide program which will make you win and keep your mind while playing the real game.

Tired of remembering in your mind while playing between us? Do you feel that it is easy to forget all the assumptions you made since the start of the match?

So Detective Among Us is an app that makes you win every competition between us.

Unlike other note-taking programs, Our Detective is a virtual jotting app that comes with the tools we need to play between us. Once installed, you will not now forget the crewmate you previously safely identified or the crewmate you suspected was the impostor.

This app is designed to deliver capabilities you may not have realized yet. You can simply download this and use it on one device while playing between us on another device, and it’s ideal for playing on PC or switching versions of the game.

Download Detective Among Us Mod Apk

App Detective Among Us
Category Tools
Version 1.3.0
Compatible with 4.1 Android and Up
Size 13 MB

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Application features

easy to use

The Detective Among Us app is easy to use and provides a hassle free experience. Unlike many other hacks, this won’t get you banned. All you have to do is play it on another Android or iOS device when you are playing a game (if you are playing on a mobile phone), and you never have to worry about forgetting the suspect again.


With our Investigator software, you will be able to track all the places you have visited, all the accidents you have seen, all the tasks you have undertaken as a crewmate, or you can use an easy design to pretend to be a fraud.

Map guide

There is nothing more desperate than forgetting where you saw a corpse or a fraudster kill someone during a meeting. And once you forget, you’ll feel suspicious. But never again.

The app gives you a comprehensive overview of each map along with the exact name of each room, the ventilation path, and the location of the safety camera. Plus, you can be unique and drop color tags to keep track of places you want to remember. So it is not possible to forget where you are or where you saw someone.

Make a cool avatar

Whether you’re a hustler or a crewmate, you really don’t want to stand out, except for a great-looking selfie.

Our detective offers you the ability to create your own avatar, which you can share later online. All skins with pets have been repainted and shaved perfectly in cute chibi style.

Between us is a guide

As a virtual scoring tool, Detective Among Us can also be used as companion software for Perfect Tip. You can mark any color as sus, safe, fraud, or turn it off for better gaming fun. Additionally, you can also star tasks you have and use checkboxes after doing so, so you’ll often know what’s left.

Please copy that this is not an actual game. This app is designed to work with the games between us to give you a better understanding of in-game awareness and help you win.