Dragon Raja

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– Best Competitive Game Google Play Award 2020 for Indonesia and Thailand
– The Most Anticipated Game award – Unreal Open Day 2019
– Best 5G Game —— 16th IMGA Award Winner (Global IMGA)


Realize limitless fantasies in Dragon Raja SEA! You want to start a romantic life with your soulmate, build a dream home; or become a Dragon Slayer and start an adventure story with your team; or make friends with players in other parts of the world? All possible in Dragon Raja SEA! Have a cute baby heir with your partner and live a relaxed and comfortable life. Dragon Raja SEA is a game that combines casual and hardcore gameplay!

The long-awaited seventh class “Puppeteer” will meet you on 23 December! As a descendant of the White King, Puppeteer has a puppet / puppet as his weapon and Paper Storm which is his flagship skill. When attacking the puppet will move according to his heart’s will, can transform into anything, even changing the Sun, Moon and Stars with his super skills that can deal huge damage to enemies! You can transfer to this class in the transfer class NPC after reaching Lv. 90 and have completed Main Lv.89 mission.

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App Dragon Raja
Category Role Playing
Version 1.0.130
Compatible with 5.0 Android and Up
Size 66 MB

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Specials in Dragon Raja SEA:


Puppeteer’s seventh class is coming soon

Puppeteer will bring his cute puppet to Cassel College. Funny, cute and looks fragile, but you shouldn’t take it lightly! The main attack style of the Puppeteer is through its puppet, supported by the Paper Storm skill which can provide massive magic damage to the target. Immediately explore this newest class that you have been waiting for for a long time and feel its ability!

Giant Open World

  • We have brought many spots in various parts of the world to Dragon Raja for you to explore!
  • With an Open Story concept, NPCs will provide different dialogues depending on your choice, giving you the power to cultivate this world.
  • You can take selfies with your favorite characters, anytime and anywhere!


  • Dragon Raja was created using Unreal Engine 4. Featuring a world that spreads wide with lots of realistic details.
  • Day or night, light or rainy day, players can explore the Dragon Raja world anytime!


  • You can create interesting characters and style costumes however you like.
  • Casual, retro, street, and futuristic are just a few of the styles you can choose from!
  • You can even adjust the character’s identity from their response to sudden events.



  • Dragon Raja’s realistic combat and gameplay features a surprising PvP system.
  • Test your skills in duels or battlegrounds with hundreds of other players, or bet greatness through Clan wars.
  • The PvE system features lots of interesting BOSS and puzzles to solve, which makes every PvE Dungeon the most exciting.


  • You can choose from dozens of gameplay modes and a unique career system.
  • Whether you become a Michelin-starred Chef, Superstar, or Racing Champion, destiny is yours.

To support the quality and content of the game, the file size of Dragon Raja is quite large. There is 3 GB of content that needs to be downloaded after installation and 1.5 GB of art assets files that need to be downloaded after entering the game.