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Becoming a disc jockey is one of the most exciting careers for people who love music and partying. But you need access to heavy and expensive DJ equipment and training to start your career as a disc jockey.

You can get training anywhere because there are different courses available online. But what about the equipment? Well, don’t worry about anything, because Edjing Mix Mod APK comes with all the unique features that will replace the traditional equipment and help you setup your own virtual DJ.

By using Edjing Mix Pro-Mod APK, you can access the features of this app and become the best DJ below. You can effectively become a complete disco jockey player without worrying about expensive instruments with mixing, reverbs, tracks, layers, and many other things.

Just download Edjing Mix Mod APK and you are ready to rock ‘n’ roll with great DJ mix songs.

You can easily add multiple songs, create remix versions, add sound effects, publish songs online and get all the fame you want.

In this post, we will share detailed information about Edjing Mod APK which you should check before downloading and installing it.


What is Edjing Mix Mod APK?

For those who want an app with all the features, Edjing Mix Mod APK is the best choice.

With classic DJ features like mixing, reverb, effects, timeline editing and Equalizer settings, Edjing mix Mod APK has the ability to easily replace any DJ instrument.

With Edjing Mix Mod APK, users can efficiently compose music and export it to share on social media or even YouTube.

Novice disc jockeys should download the Edjing Mix app on their smartphone and practice mastering their skills instead of investing money in some expensive DJ equipment.

You can easily download Edjing Mix Mod APK from Google Play Store. But the problem is that many of the features in the free version of this app are limited, and you have to buy a subscription to unlock them.

If you are not interested in buying the pro version or subscribing to this app, you can easily download Edjing Mix Mod APK for Android.

By using the mod version of this app, you will get all the features of this app unlocked for free. You do not have to pay anything to download and play Edjing Mix Pro Mod APK on your smartphone.

In this section, we are going to share the Edjing Mix Pro Mod APK direct download link and proper installation procedure that will help you to install this amazing app on your smartphone.

Download edjing Mix Mod Apk

Disco Jockey earns a lot of money, and everyone is ready to get into this business. Fortunately, you do not have to spend money on expensive equipment, but download Edjing Mix Mod APK to create some amazing DJ tracks on your smartphone.


With amazing features like huge music library, multiple filter effects, timeline editing, audio sampling, and even hardware support, this is one of the best DJ apps for Android.

We have done our best to share all the detailed information about Edjing Mix Mod APK on Android in this post. Follow the installation procedure provided, and you are good to go.

Nama Aplikasi Edjing Mix
Kategori Music & Audio
Versi 6.53.01
Perangkat Disarankan 4.1 atau Lebih
Ukuran 32 MB

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Features of Edjing Mix Mod APK

Here are the main features of edjing mix mod version which will help you to understand this whole game in depth.


  • Merge

If you want to download or upload songs to music or social media sites like SoundCloud or Deezer, it becomes easier with Edjing Mix Mod APK.

The app comes with SoundCloud and Deezer integration which will help you quickly import songs from your library or upload them to the site in a few seconds.

All you need is to have a premium SoundCloud account, configure it with Edjing Mix Mod APK, and you are ready to download or upload songs to and from your library.

  • Millions of songs

The song library in Edjing Mix Mod APK is quite large and comes with more than 50 million unique songs for you to mix with others.

All songs are properly licensed, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues for these songs.

Not only that, songs are available in every genre, and you can sort them alphabetically or even find songs that match the search function.

If you record audio clips, you can easily import them and combine them with other songs.

  • Take samples

For any DJ, sampling audio tracks are essential to making a great music mix.

Thanks to professional developers and DJs, Edjing Mix Mod APK comes with 16 unique samples, such as Gunshot, Siren, Kick and many more.

You can select a sampling track and add it to your music track to make it sound great.

There are separate sampling packages available to choose from, which come with several tracks and are made by professional Disc Jockeys.

  • Hardware Support

If you have an additional device for mixing songs, you can easily integrate it with Edjing Mix Mod APK.

If your instrument or DJ supports a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, Edjing Mix will support the same.

For example, if you have a portable dimmer, you will be able to connect it to your smartphone and then access the mixing settings in the Edjing mix app from the dimmer.

With support for external devices, making music easier efficiently.

  • Easy to use

With Edjing Mix Mod APK, you can do almost anything without getting confused. Some people are confused with actual music equipment, but due to the simple user interface of this app, even the first timer can use this app easily.

With proper design, large icons, and a smooth user interface, this app becomes easier to use. Not only that, there are many features like automatic BPM detection, which make your experience more lively and enjoyable with Edjing Mix Mod APK.