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FaceApp Pro Mod Apk is a popular application that users can use to quickly modify their faces. This application provides a variety of effects and features to meet the needs of users. Like facial makeup, hair color and skin texture like a baby.


With this app, you can change your selfies to be better and different from photos without using FaceApp Pro Mod. You will also look more handsome and beautiful than before because there are features to beautify your face instantly.

FaceApp Pro is equipped with unique and interesting features. This feature provides a variety of makeup filters that are already very popular for women to use. The presence of this filter allows users to have an enjoyable and satisfying makeup experience.

Users can also share the modified photos directly on their social networks via the FaceApp Pro Mod. This allows you to send pictures to friends to show weird, beautiful, young or old faces as a joke together.

Download FaceApp Pro Mod Apk


App FaceApp Pro
Category Photography
Version 11.3.0
Compatible with 5.0 Android and Up
Size 81 MB

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Features of FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

In the modified version of FaceApp Pro, you can get many features by using each of them. You can get all these features for free if you download the modified version of FaceApp Pro. Here are the features that you can use in FaceApp Pro Mod Apk.


1. Classic smile feature

This first feature can make your face look sullen or silent in a smile. The smile generated by this app shows tiny teeth by adjusting the shape of your face. This makes your smile look more realistic and sweet.

2. Beard Hipster Features

The second feature is to give the effect of the user’s face in the form of a typical loving beard. This beard has a bohemian feel that makes the face look younger. This lovely beard can also be used by women. Surely this makes a woman’s face like a young man.

3. Age advantage

If you want to see what your old face will look like in the future, the easiest way to see it is with FaceApp. Age feature allows you to take photos with a retro effect full of wrinkled lines.

This feature also gives you a more friendly look with beard feel for men. In addition, the age feature is also the most popular effect that FaceApp users often use. This is because the features present an image of your face when you get older.

4. Hair color feature

This feature helps you to change the hair color as you wish. There are many colors you can choose as a new color style. The applied colors also look very real and mixed. To be able to enjoy all these colors, you can download the Mod version of FaceApp.

5. Hair style features

If you have ever used the Hair Color feature, the next feature to use is the Hair Style feature. You can change the hairstyle with a bunch of different options, from Original, Long, Bangs, Bangs 2, etc.

6. Features of glasses

The next feature that you can try is the glasses feature. This feature gives the effect of glasses on your face. There are clear glasses and sunglasses that you can use with the modified version of FaceApp Pro.

7. Make-up features

This feature is specifically designed for women. The make-up feature is a filter that makes your face look like you’re using make-up. There are many options that you can use on your face to make it look more beautiful. You can also modify it to make it look more natural.

8. Editing Features

The editing feature is useful for those of you who want to do photo manipulation directly. This feature consists of Crop, Brightness, Contrast, etc. In addition to that, you can also add B&W color filters and more.

9. Fun Features

The Fun feature is the second button in the FaceApp app. You can only use this feature if you have downloaded the premium version of FaceApp. You can use this feature to have a variety of funny things, such as gender swaps, annoying faces, etc.

10. Layouts Features

Another feature that you can use in FaceApp is the Layouts feature. This feature allows users to use a variety of tire options that have been provided. Examples of frames that you can use in photos are Collages, Lenses, Duos, etc.

How to install FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

  • Before installing the app, you can download the FaceApp file first via the link provided earlier.
  • Then you can wait for the download process to complete on the device you are using.
  • If the application is downloaded successfully, open the Downloads folder on the internal storage of the smartphone.
  • Then you can open the Mod version of FaceApp Pro and enable Unknown sources in Android Security Settings.
  • Then you can install the application on the smartphone device.
  • After the application is successfully installed, you can use all the features in the FaceApp application.


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