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Several reasons why not a few WhatsApp users have now started to switch to using the modified version of the WhatsApp application or better known as WA MOD.
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03 April 2021
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Several reasons why not a few WhatsApp users have now started to switch to using the modified version of the WhatsApp application or better known as WA MOD. In addition, because it is saturated with the appearance of WhatsApp which tends to be monotonous, that’s all. Many WhatsApp users also feel the WhatsApp developer is not fair regarding the features contained in it.

Yes, you must admit that WhatsApp has many features that can be used for free. It’s just that these features are considered not optimal in their use. Some of these features have usage limitations that are still not maximal. With the presence of Fouad WhatsApp, which was developed by the developer of Fouad MODs, it is a breath of fresh air for all whatsapp users who want to switch to using a modified version of this WA software.

If the Fouad WA feature does not feel like fulfilling the needs as you want. You can try other WhatsApp mod variants such as GB WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp which is now being levied and developed by the Heymods developer. Well, for those of you who are curious about what features are available in Fouad WA. Please read the full discussion below.

Fouad WhatsApp Featured Features

1. Anti Banned

The first and must-have feature in every WhatsApp Mod software is the Anti Banned feature.

The reason is if there is no feature on this one then it could be that WhatsApp Mod users will be exposed to being blocked by WhatsApp because they don’t use the official WhatsApp software.

But fortunately, the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp has an anti-banned feature, so you don’t have to worry about being blocked when using it.

2. Anti Delete Message

Deleting or unique messages that have been delivered are not uncommon, both in individual chats and in group chats.

With the anti-delete message feature, Fouad WhatsApp users can see messages that have been deleted or withdrawn by chat opponents.

This one feature is certainly the most interesting for prospective users of the Fouad WhatsApp software.

3. Personalize Appearance

Fouad WhatsApp also embeds the Change Theme feature which can provide flexibility for the user to process the appearance as desired.

You can process software themes starting from changing the font, changing the bubble chat format, changing the check format, changing the application icon, processing the background image and much more.

In addition, Fouad WhatsApp also appears by adding various variants of emojis or emoticons that can add excitement when exchanging messages.

4. Hide the Status “Currently Typing”

Not infrequently all WhatsApp users feel their privacy is disturbed by the position of “Typing” when delivering messages.

With this feature, you can record long messages without the status “currently typing” in your message.

5. Send More Than 10 Images

As you know, WhatsApp can be used to deliver images or photos. However, WhatsApp itself provides a limit on the number of images that can be sent at one time, which is no more than 10 images.

But by using Fouad WhatsApp, you can send many pictures at once, you can even send 90 images.

In addition, even the pictures or portraits that you send will not be degraded in quality or will not be compressed.

6. Video Status Duration Reaches 7 Minutes

WhatsApp has indeed been providing features for sharing images, writing, and videos for quite a while.

Even so, WhatsApp provides a limit on the duration of videos that can be uploaded to stories, namely videos with a duration of no more than 30 seconds.

But for those of you who want to upload videos in a position with a long duration, you can use Fouad WhatsApp.

Where Fouad WhatsApp provides a special feature to upload videos on the story with a duration of up to 7 minutes.

7. Privacy Features

In addition to the feature of hiding the position of “typing”, Fouad WhatsApp also provides other privacy features.

Such as hiding online positions, hiding last seen positions, removing blue ticks, and watching other people’s status without being caught.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Safe From Banned?

The question of whether it is safe from being banned or not is indeed one of the questions whose answers are not the least sought by all beginners who want to switch to using the WhatsApp mod. For that answer, it’s still safe to use Fouad WhatsApp around this.

And so you can be even safer using Fouad Whatsapp tips from us, namely update or update the Fouad WhatsApp version to the latest version if the latest version is available. Now, to update the latest version, you can get the news in the spokesperson. Because we try to always update the latest information about Fouad whatsapp.

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1. Tap the downloaded Fouad WhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.