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About GBWhatsApp DELTA APK

GBWhatsApp Delta APK is a WA Mod created by Delta Lab Studios. This application is a modded variant of WhatsApp that allows the user to create changes and adjustments in the experience of everyday users.

GBWhatsApp Delta

This app is a matched or integrated GBWhatsApp rendition that appears in the WhatsApp Mod style. GBWhatsApp Delta APK delivers all the amazing highlights of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mod. If you have used WAMOD, then this Mod can be the best option for you.

The latest Delta WhatsApp has a user interface that is very different from GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and so on. So there is no doubt that this Apps is one of the best.

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Nama WhatsApp Delta
Ukuran 56.95 MB
Versi 10.20

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GBWhatsApp DELTA APK features

This app comes with amazing features. Following are the main features of this Apps:



Tired of the default WhatsApp theme? The customization feature is one of the main reasons why mods like GBWhatsApp have become popular among WhatsApp users.

  • Launcher Icons: Users can customize the application’s Launcher icon to suit their identity and match their preferences. Choose from more than 35 icons available from this mod.
  • Amazing and Amazing Themes: Get rid of those plain old drab themes! This mod offers the user more than one theme to choose from. like a transparent, dim, or light theme.
  • Fonts: Tired of formal fonts? Replace the boring font with a different front font found in the mod
  • Stickers: If you like using stickers when chatting, then you will definitely love GBWhatsApp DELTA. You can use any sticker software with this mod.


Due to threats such as malware and hackers, some users dig for additional security features when digging into applications. If you are one of these users, this mod is definitely for you:

  • Hide Online Status: Don’t want anyone to know you are online? This mod lets you hide your online position, especially if you don’t want to be bombarded with messages.
  • Hide Blue Tick: The WhatsApp blue check mark often indicates that you have listened to the message. Sometimes, you accidentally open a message and leave it visible, which results in miscommunication issues. GBWhatsApp DELTA allows users to hide blue ticks so you won’t be forced to reply immediately.
  • Hide Typing Notifications: WA This mod allows the user to hide typing announcements so that they have a whole world of time to create the perfect reply.
  • Hide Recording Notifications: Hide recording announcements so that the recording process is not too awkward.
  • Block Calls: This is one of the highlighted privacy features of this mod. This feature allows the user to hang up calls that come from selected contacts. In addition, users can also delete incoming call announcements from blocked contacts.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode: Trying to guard yourself so you don’t get distracted? Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode by finding it in security settings with just a few clicks.
  • Built-in Lock: Do you want to protect messages from prying eyes? With this feature, you can lock the software and unlock it with a predefined password.


Other features

In addition to customization and privacy features, GBWhatsApp DELTA offers many more features that users can enjoy:

  1. Send larger audio files: Unlike the official version, users can send audio files up to 100MB each.
  2. Send larger video files: The legitimate version of WhatsApp only allows users to send up to 16MB. With this mod, They can send larger video files up to 50MB.
  3. Send high resolution portrait: You can send full resolution portrait.
  4. Multilingual Support. GBWhatsApp DELTA supports many languages, including Italian, Hindi, English, Spanish, Indian, Portuguese, and many more.
  5. Status Time Extension: User can post status for about six minutes. No forwarded tags. On the official WhatsApp, the forwarded messages are tagged, and their contacts witness this tag. By using this mod, the forwarded message will now look like the original from the sender.
  6. Message Scheduler: Need to send messages at a later time? With GBWhatsApp DELTA, you can now schedule messages to be sent later. This feature is very useful if you cannot be online at different times.
  7. Automatic Message Reply: This feature is only available on the business version of WhatsApp. By installing this WA mod, users can also get this feature.
  8. Anti-Delete Message: Missing deleted messages? Now, you can retrieve deleted messages in chat threads with the anti-delete feature.
  9. Group Call: Easily make group calls with your loved ones using the GBWhatsApp Delta APK.