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There are many games on mobile of different genres. One of the very popular games is Life of Mellow Mod APK. A simulation type game that players can play casually to fill their spare time.

Well, this time we will give you a discussion about the game, its features and how to play it easily.


What is Life of Mellow Mod APK?

Life of Mellow is a life simulation game where you will live in a village called Mellow Village. In this game you can do different things from gardening and raising livestock to socializing. In essence, you will go through the four seasons, live and build a civilization.

There are many features that this game has, such as:

  • Survive as long as possible,
  • Enjoy the pleasant change of seasons,
  • Collect resources and build many types of buildings,
  • Farm, create, build and survive
  • Careful management and expansion of the village.

Meanwhile, Life of Mellow Mod APK is a game app that has been modified to have some features that the original game does not have. One of the most desirable features of this mod is the unlimited funds that allow you to do many things without worrying about natural resources.

In addition, you will not see annoying ads while playing the game. So, you can enjoy the game and enjoy it more. You could say that this game is similar to Harvest Moon, but with lighter specs.

Download Life of Mellow Mod Apk

If you want to get this mod, you can get it via the button we have provided below. You can also see more complete details of this application in the following table.


App Life of Mellow
Category Simulation
Version 0.58
Compatible with 7.0 Android and Up
Size 67 MB

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Features of Life of Mellow MOD APK

Life of Mellow MOD APK APK version has many advantages and disadvantages that benefit players greatly. Here are the points Jaka has been able to collect!


1. Unlimited Money

In Life of Mellow, you can earn money in many ways, from harvesting garden produce, both vegetables and fruits, processing raw materials to finished goods, and selling them in the market.

If you install the APK MOD version, you can get an unlimited amount of money right from the start. This way, you won’t have to search for it or even buy it.

2. Resources do not decrease when used

Usually, when you buy something, the money you save will go down. Not only that, your crop yields or resources will decrease when you use them to build houses or private buildings.

Fortunately, if you install the APK MOD version, the resources you get are unlimited so you can use them to your heart’s content. Your fortune is getting abundant, you know!


3. All items can be accessed for free

When you install it for the first time, you will find unlocked features. Not only that, you cannot be free to use all the existing buildings because they have to be exchanged for a certain amount of money.

Of course, you will not find this problem if you install Life of Mellow MOD APK, because here, all the features can be accessed for free. Fun isn’t it?

4. Ad-free

Well, this is the most important. You can fully enjoy the game without having to be bothered by the presence of promotional ads.

This is because the MOD APK version of Life of Mellow has been modified with special software to block ads from entering the game.