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Mech Arena Mod Apk is a battleground for players to challenge themselves in fierce and exciting 5vs5 battles. There are different levels to play in this game to experience intense battles. Surprisingly enough, the levels are tightly designed. It also offers fast PvP gameplay.


It should be noted that the battles in this game do not last more than five minutes. However, each short battle is characterized by intense combat. What is certain is that you have never seen a 5v5 robot fight as hard as the Mech Arena.

Another amazing thing about this game is that there are a lot of war robots and weapons for you to choose from. All of these robots have special abilities. You can use it for endless battles in this game. The customization options of this game are also great and you can use it to customize your bot.

Fierce battle

In the battle, you will pass every moment with firearms. A 5v5 real-time battle of bad bots has never been so good!

Choose from dozens of weapons and war robots with special abilities for endless combat combos, then customize them for each new battle. Meet friends and team up to lead the wave of war in exciting Control Point battles or brutal Team Deathmatch matches.

Like occupying a high position? Support your team with sniper mechanics. Want to get up close and personal? Choose a mechanic equipped with a machine gun, regenerate, and get back to work. With instant live matchmaking, you can go from pocket to head-to-head combat in this robot game in less than 30 seconds!

Battle your friends, destroy world championships, customize everything and make your legend the worst pilot in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. Be the smart shooter… the whole world is watching!

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App Mech Arena
Category Action
Version 2.07.00
Compatible with 4.3 Android and Up
Size 169 MB

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In-game features


  • 5 vs 5 PvP combat in real time

Test your skills against real players from all over the world in live mech war. Team up with your friends and conquer the leaderboards together as your bots fight for victory!

  • Competitive game

With leaderboards and achievements, there are many ways to win prizes for your battle bots. When you’re ready, join the tournament to prove your worth in the mighty PvP wars. Gather the divisions, gather your gear, and sow fear.

  • Simple points and levels

Intuitive controls make it easy to manage your war robot even in the first PvP battle. Want to play it your way? Customize the controls to suit your needs. Then get out there and rule the mech wars!

  • Last option

Are you a Scout? sniper? The shooter just ran, and the gun went off? In this robot game there is always a perfect download mechanism for you. Apply unique skins or add a paint job to accentuate your war robot.

  • Fun team match

Gather your friends, plan your team strategy, design compatible war robots, and fight side by side in mech wars. Attract allies from Facebook or find new allies on the battlefield. Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is like a LAN party in your pocket!

  • Participate in weekly events

To increase the attractiveness of the game, the developer Plarium Global will provide players with quests and rewards. Players can participate in weekly events and win first places to get attractive prizes.

Try to attend as many events as possible to prove yourself to others. Because only when you achieve high achievements will your efforts and struggles be recognized. Be the smartest player and win a lot to enter the epic arena of Mech Arena Mod Apk.

  • Unique map

Close combat at Mech Arena. Take on PvP missions at the Mesa Verde facility or watch interstellar bot battles in Elon Station Gray. Shoot down enemy war robots under the neon lights of the Forbidden City, or fight your way through Patterson Ice Station. In this robot game, the world and more are your arena.

  • Huge arsenal

Attack from cover with long range cannons, shoot around corners with smart missiles, freeze war programs with stun guns or rely on good old kinetic and energy weapons. Your robot fights with them all. Everything is upgradable, let’s get started.

  • Special skills

Blind your opponents using the target jammer. Shoot the war robot forward at high speed. Use energy shields, jets, mines, and more. Every map is different – find the right combination for your fighting style.


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