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Animation and Image Editing Made Easy with Motionleap (formerly Pixaloop) by Lightricks (developer behind Lightleap, Videoleap, Facetune, Photoleap, and more) voted among the Best Google Play Apps of 2019! Motionleap is part of the Design Kit (formerly Enlight). Animate and edit photos with the amazing photo editing tool from Creative Kit!

This animation maker makes your photos come to life in just a few clicks. Create 3D photo animations, from fire flashes to flowing waterfalls – the creative possibilities are endless. Motionleap lets you create and edit animations with simple, modern editing tools including background changers, 3D motion, overlays, effects, and filters.

Edit the image into a 3D motion picture – use the arrows to add movement, choose a speed, change the background, and control what moves with the anchor. Production intelligence-based image effects tools make it easy to evaluate or adjust all areas of an image for more control than ever before.

Motionleap allows us to easily edit photos with powerful, accurate and easy-to-use 3D animation tools. The photo editor allows you to see our photos come to life through real-time editing while creating wonderful artworks in an instant.

Motionleap brings photos to life, creating animation effects and cinematic paragraphs that will wow any of our friends to our followers – and best of all, it’s a free photo animation app. Animate photos and add 3D photo effects to watch our photos come to life as stunning videos bounce or stream like a GIF.

Need animation inspiration? Search #Motionleap, follow social media trends and start sharing photos! Share your 3D photos, select our own creations, and we’ll show you the best. Share gifs and take the next step for your social feed!

Download Motionleap Mod Apk

App Motionleap
Category Photography
Version 1.3.8
Compatible with 7.1 Android and Up
Size 86 MB

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Animated Creator

– 3D animation added with a number of taps and swipes
– Simple arrows indicate the direction of movement of the image
– Anchor points limit image movement and hold parts of the animation in place
Freeze part of the image with the Freeze Brush

Animations with the sky

– Edit the background image to replace the cute sky with colorful sunsets and moving clouds
– Choose from a variety of automatic time-lapse-like skies
– Easily get the Sky results you want with this motion picture editor

Add animation to images with overlays

– Add fun photo filters and overlays to bring heart, emotion and movement to photos
– Share our 3D images in your stories and feeds
– Photo animation effects with weather overlay, glitter and more!
– Create cinemagraph-like animation effects to bring your story to life

Video effects in photo editor

– Animated photo editing tools including speed, direction, and style
– 3D photo editor effects and adjustments to develop perspective and style
– 3D video and photo maker with all kind of effects we need

Animated photo editing

– Photo Effects Editor to create any and all necessary 3D adjustments
– Customize, edit and animate photos for amazing animation effects
– Bring pictures to life!

Animations on Android

– Animation elements: hair, waves, clouds, clothes
Animated video results with modern and easy animation tools from Motion Lib
– Create mobile masterpieces that meet your needs on social media, your business, or your brand presence
– Easily get professional photo animation with photo animation software for Android!
– Learn to create animations in minutes using amazing animation software and technology

Edit photos, add video effects, and bring our photos to life with Motionleap (formerly Pixaloop) by Lightricks (the developer behind Lightleap that lights up, plays Videoleap, Facetune, Play Photoleap and more)!