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Welcome to PC Builder – Game PC Building Simulator for mobile. This is a simulation game. This game develops UltraAndre. Requires Android 5.0 and above. Currently, this game has been downloaded and installed over 5,000,000 on Google Play.

PC Creator is a realistic MOD APK simulation game that allows players to build their most superior and powerful PC.


About PC Creator Mod

PC Creator is a realistic simulation game that allows players to build their most superior and powerful PC with today’s latest components.

Moreover, it also allows them to run the spare parts business and provide each customer with the most satisfactory and suitable choice.

When it comes to this game, players will quickly understand how to choose the right ingredients for each customer’s needs and at the right price.

How to play PC Creator

In the game, the player will act as the boss of a store and there will be many customers who come to order the player.

Players will be free to create the PC profiles they like, but they will have to match the needs of customers and other systems.


Customers will have specific requirements about the functionality as well as the configuration they want, so let’s build on that.

If the customer is not satisfied with the equipment provided by the player, the player will not get the money. In the game, players will find two requirements that are upgrade and crafting, both of which give players a lot of money.

Moreover, for the chip to work, the player must have a master chip with the same set of chips in order to be able to add a chip to the master device.

If Chip is the brain of the PC, then Main is the framework for the entire system, because that’s where everything gets installed. In addition, it is also very necessary, a VGA – Video Graphics Card to display images.

The thing that has to keep the whole system running is the PSU – the power supply is the thing that will provide power for the whole system to function.

There are also some other things like RAM, HDD, SSD for gamers to choose and use. Once you have all that, players can create what you need.

  1. Need an operating system to control

A device cannot function if it only has hardware, so you need an operating system to control everything.

The three major operating systems are Windows, OS, and Linux for gamers to choose the hardware. Each has different characteristics and modes of action that players can use.

At the request of the customer, the player can choose the appropriate option for him. If the customer has no special requirements, players can freely choose what they like.

  1. The device must be kept clean

All components of the system will be placed in one box to maintain and keep the equipment clean.

There will be a lot of dirt during use, so this case is necessary for component maintenance. There are many different cases players can use, and they will have a different look.

Apart from being used to maintain equipment, it is also used to decorate players’ computers, so choose carefully.

Download PC Creator Pro Mod Apk Free

If you can accept this problem, download PC Creator Pro and build the best PC today.


Nama Aplikasi PC Creator Pro
Kategori Simulation
Versi 5.5.8
Perangkat Disarankan 5.0 atau Lebih
Ukuran 163 MB

Download PC Creator Pro Mod Apk

Features of PC Creator Apk

Here is the explanation below:


  • Create your first computer from scratch

The first thing gamers should do when it comes to PC Creator is to design their first PC on the budget.

Building a PC is challenging, as gamers have to choose the best components or match other parts at the right price.

A computer will include many parts, such as the power supply, graphics card, CPU, RAM, etc., making up a perfect computer that can work with any program at its full potential.

  • Buy or trade new ingredients

While assembling computers for themselves, players can trade or get rid of all redundant parts to earn more revenue to buy better parts.

Additionally, the game will offer players an idle feature to increase any income that comes from trading computer parts.

More new features or content will be unlocked gradually as players continue to trade, thus taking the first step towards opening the PC Store they have always dreamed of.

  • Manage the PC Store you want

Managing a hardware store in PC Creator is complex and requires a lot of preparation, including selling various accessories, game kits, etc.

Players can also import many new items, such as keyboards, computer cases, spare parts, mice, headphones, etc. Depending on the number of items the player imports in the inventory, the value is very good.

Players can also unlock a lot of exciting possibilities when unlocking quality PC sales services.

  • Stunning design for PC

Sometimes, players receive orders from several customers, such as building a computer according to their respective terms and prices.

The player’s task is to build a great platform, including installing a keyboard, mouse, and accessories if the customer wants more.

Of course, some special delivery orders will require players to provide the correct type of item required to get the big reward.

  • Customize your store

Players can decorate their shop with many attractive looks thanks to the attractive and eye-catching appearance mods.

Also, special events with themed content will give players more ideas to design the store with its unique beauty and amaze and surprise customers with its big changes.

In addition, since players are constantly interacting with customers in special surfaces, many surprises or random things will happen to them.

  • Exciting mini games for PC lovers

PC Creator will offer unique content, such as exciting mini-games for players to earn more and more new PC components.

Although the mechanics and operation of each mini-game are different, the entertainment and humor will greatly increase the morale of the player.

In addition, their rewards are always generous, and players can buy additional tickets to participate in mini-games and reap various achievements.

All the PC related simulations in PC Creator promise gamers a better understanding of building a perfect PC.

In addition, all the most famous components will appear in this game, giving players a virtual feeling of touching the treasures of PC fans.


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