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If in general, WA MOD software developers come from abroad, RA WhatsApp is instead developed by the nation’s children. Ridwan Arifin, the developer of this software, then embedded his name in the modified software.

Many think that the modifications carried out by the developer only offer the iOS UI appearance. Even though this RAWhatsApp also contains other support features.

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App RA WhatsApp
Category Communication
Version 8.71
Compatible with 6.0 Android and Up
Size 43 MB

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WhatsApp RA features

If you are interested in using this WA MOD because you want to have an iOS WA display on your Android, you need to read the overview below because there are actually many other excellent features.

This feature is guaranteed to give you a completely different chat experience. Come on, you start the discussion.

1. Anti Banned feature

The anti-banned features offered by RA WhatsApp are not only regular updates to adjust to official WA intelligence.

Because many reports of banned accounts have occurred because WA MOD users share a large size with each other. The RA WhatsApp developer concluded to limit the size of the video file that can be sent to a maximum of 30 MB.

2. Privacy Features

This feature can be called a must WA MOD feature. You are free to judge in order to hide online positions, forward labels on messages, and even activate airplane mode exclusively for WA software.

This feature also includes the ability to copy and paste messages from other people without the name and date of origin of the message.

3. Security Features

The AppLock feature is a fun feature for all WA MOD users. RA WhatsApp allows you to choose a software key using a pin or pssword.

You can also make your WhatsApp icon un-clickable by using the technique of enabling disabling access to WhatsApp.

4. Display Customization Features

Not only the appearance of the iOS version of WhatsApp, you are also free to choose from thousands of themes available in RA WhatsApp.

Display changes that you can do include: font format and size, bubble chat format, header tab size, as well as the appearance of the WA story which is like an Instagram story. Interesting right?

5. Video size sent up to 30 MB

Well, when compared with other WA MOD accounts, the size of the Video File that RA Whats App can deliver is indeed smaller.

But, this feature also plays a role in minimizing your account so it could be blocked.

6. 90 pictures at a time

In WA official, you are not satisfied with 10 pictures at a time? It’s been compressed a little too. In RA WhatsApp you can send up to 90 portraits at a time with the original resolution. Great.

7. Broadcast Message Identification

Annoyed by the onslaught of broadcast messages? RA WhatsApp allows you to configure which broadcast sources you want to receive or block. So, you can be more calm and comfortable.

8. File range that can be sent

If you frequently use WhatsApp for work, this feature will really work for you.

RA WhatsApp can send various types of files, including PDF, Excel, Word, Power Point, and Zip.

The main features of RA WhatsApp above have provided a reflection of how cool this MOD WA software is?

Let’s look at the summary of the comparison between RAWhatsApp and WhatsApp Original.

Lack of RA WhatsApp

Even though this software has a myriad of advantages, you need to know the drawbacks of this RAWhatsApp.

Let’s take a look at this info so that you are more alert.

  • Manual Update

You don’t download the MOD application from Google Play, so automatic updates such as a legitimate account cannot be implemented in RA WhatsApp.

To avoid a blocked account, the user must immediately do a manual update on this software.

  • Possibility of getting banned

Although the developer works on continuous updates and avoids things that endanger users, this chat software is still not an official software.

The possibility of blocking from legitimate WA still carries risks. So try, use this software for backup numbers.

  • Potential Harm to Smartphones

The activation step for Unknown Resources is an important step during the RA WA installation. However, this stage also opens, so that the virus may enter your equipment during the application installation process.


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