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App RFS – Real Flight Simulator
Category Simulation
Version 1.6.7
Compatible with 4.3 Android and Up
Size 356 MB

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Enjoy the unique feeling of flying around the world, then explore landscapes and airports in high definition using satellite maps, 3D buildings, corridors, procedures and air traffic.

Experience like boarding a plane, chatting with other pilots and joining them in multiplayer mode. Arrange flight plans and interact with ATC officers.

Gain access to countless user-created exterior designs, then tweak aircraft models, indicators, faults, and weather conditions to your liking.

Be a real pilot!


Bird now:
Take off, land or fly
Create an automatic flight plan

Advanced Flight Plan (PRO only)
– Many options for creating / editing / copying complex flight plans
– Date / time: custom / real (with day and night cycle)
– Flight plans with departure, arrival, landing and transfer procedures (SID and STAR)
– Aircraft: V-SPEED, gross weight, fuel burn, and estimated flight duration with fuel, passenger and cargo settings
-Weather / departure and arrival: custom / actual – wind direction / speed, major weather (bright, fog, rain, storm, snow), cloud, base cloud, turbulence, temperature on the ground


Actual Flying (PRO only)
– 40,000 actual trips every day
Real-time traffic at the world’s 35 largest airports and their destinations
Enjoy the feeling of flying on a plane and take it to your destination

Multiplayer (PRO only)
Join hundreds of other pilots and fly together across different parts of the world
– Chat with other pilots


Advanced multi-panel system: customize your tools and indicators

Aircraft: custom exterior design, 3D cockpit, components and lights


35 HD: High resolution satellite imagery, lifelike 3D buildings, takeoffs and departures, landing and arrival procedures, Garbarata and VDGS
500 SD: Runways, 3D buildings, departure and landing procedures
14000 Dinars (Professionals Only): Runway procedures, departure and landing
Land and air traffic (PRO only)

ATC air traffic control (PRO only)
– ATC actions and communications in various interactive voices
– Frequency: ATIS, Terrestrial, Turret, Approach, EN ROUTE, EMERGENCY

Fault: custom / random – altitude / speed sensor, fuel tank, landing wheel, machine, wings, vane, refrigerator, tires, rudder, spoiler, brakes, electrical system, radar

SATELLITE FIELD (PRO only): Worldwide satellite terrain in HD quality
SATELLITE ALTERNATION MAP (PRO ONLY): Worldwide elevation maps in HD quality
(Satellite data requires internet connection to stream data)

Correct: Design the exterior of your plane, then share it with other players around the world

in the game:
Advanced multi-panel system:
Components: PFD, ND, FMS, Map, Engines, Fuel, Altimeter / Anemo
Indicators: Air / Ground / Vertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGL / ASM, Next / Destination ETE, Destination, Next WP, Nearest airport, Earth temperature / OAT, Wind, Activity / Flight / UTC / Local, V Speed And more
– Automatic landing gear system
Controls: main throttle, flaps, landing gear, spoiler, brakes, rudder and pressure
– Floor systems: GPU, UN, PUSHBACK
– Engines: start / stop motors, separate throttle, fireproof
Fuel: Balances weight, fuel dump and real fuel consumption
Autopilot: Navigation, Approach + Velocity, HDG, ALT, V / S
-MASTER alarm alert
-VDGS: In all HD airports
-MAP: Air topography with airports and waypoints. Detailed view of the airport (HD airport) + FMC and flight plan
– Multiple camera


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