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About StarMaker

In today’s digital age, everyone can experience different amenities. Now there are different apps to make it easier for users to do different things. Among them is the StarMaker download for everyone who loves to sing.


Do you have a hobby of singing but you are lazy to come to karaoke and need money? Not to worry, there are many ways that can be done to channel hobbies including with the help of apps on smartphones.

Before the advent of karaoke apps, mobile phone users would only sing along with the song being played. Now, singing activities can be done more exciting and fun with karaoke apps. StarMaker Apk download will make its users do many exciting things.

The main purpose of using this app is of course to invite its users to sing together. Also, the selection of songs provided by StarMaker apk mirror is completely complete and up-to-date. Users also have the freedom to choose the songs they want to sing either alone or with friends.

Download StarMaker Mod Apk


App StarMaker
Category Music & Audio
Version 8.1.7
Compatible with 4.3 Android and Up
Size 90 MB

Silahkan Tunggu dalam 15 Detik.

Features in StarMaker

In order to pamper its users, StarMaker Apk Mod VIP has many interesting features. The current features make karaoke activities more fun and exciting. Here are many features that StarMaker users can enjoy


  • KTV room

The excellent feature of this app is KTV Room which allows other users from all over the world. After entering the KTV room, the user can record the selected song and sing in order. The KTV room allows users to listen while other users sing.

On the other hand, when the user sings, all the members in the KTV room can also listen. You don’t always have to sing, users can use this KTV room to just listen to other users. In this feature there are several rooms that are distinguished by preferred type.

  • Free

Moreover, there is a Freestyle feature in StarMaker Apk Uptodown which can be accessed for free. Users can freely express themselves when singing and using different musical instruments. This feature does not contain music and is similar to a recording studio.

Users can record the sounds while singing with the instruments and then save them. This recording can be in the form of video or audio. After the recording is finished, the user can add different other melodies to make the recording more colorful.

  • Take the mic

For users who want to hone their singing skills, use the Grab Mic feature. With this feature, users can sing along with other users. There is a stage that is provided as a competition arena between users.

Users are challenged to fight over the microphone and then sing the lyrics of the song. Then we will see who has the coolest talent among the 5 pesetas that exist.

  • Message

After downloading StarMaker Apk Mod, users can not only direct the hobby of singing. However, users can also interact with other users around the world. With the messaging feature, chatting with new friends will be more fun.

  • automatic classification

When downloading StarMaker lite, users can not only guide their hobbies easily. However, singing quality can also be evaluated automatically. The evaluation is done by paying attention to the sound and rhythm when singing.

  • Upload to YouTube

Do you think your singing ability is good enough and you want to share it with others? StarMaker has partnered with the largest video platform, Youtube. This allows users to upload lyrical videos directly to Youtube easily.

How to install StarMaker Mod Apk

Can’t wait to share your hobbies and sing anywhere easily? Use StarMaker right away and feel a new sensation in karaoke. Here are easy steps to download free StarMaker app.

  1. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and fast for easy downloading
  2. Activate an unknown source so that applications can be downloaded from external sources
  3. Click on the download link provided
  4. Wait for the download process to complete
  5. Agree to all policies so the app can be installed
  6. Done, now users can sing anywhere easily

Advantages and disadvantages of StarMaker

StarMaker is not the only karaoke app that smartphone users can use. However, this application is one of the applications often used by users around the world. Like any other app, StarMaker has of course advantages besides its drawbacks.

Here are the various advantages and disadvantages that are present in this karaoke app.

1. Superiority

  • Users can use the various features that are available for free without paying
  • View an easy-to-use app
  • Complete collection of songs up to 25 million songs
  • The nutrition is neater and more detailed
  • Get a better view of your profile

2. Weakness

  • There are errors in some of the songs
  • It is very difficult to know the quality of a song before singing it
  • Sometimes the notifications don’t really matter