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Line has released a new program called Webtoon which is available in almost all parts of the world, except for China, Japan, and Korea. When it was first launched, it was only available for Android. But in the end, the developer released Webtoon for iOS.

Basically, it offers comic content that can be enjoyed for free. With this software, users do not need to download e-books because they can instantly listen to storyboards on Webtoon. The webtoon developer also ensures that all of its content is updated daily.


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Category Comics
Version 2.11.5
Compatible with 4.3 Android and Up
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Does our smartphone have a small screen? This is not a big problem because all the comics provided on Line Webtoon for Android have been adjusted and optimized so that users can easily read them regardless of the screen size. Since Line Webtoon’s developer promises that all the content in this software will be modernized every day, users won’t listen to the same comic over and over again, unless they want to.

There are more than 10 contents that are modernized every day and Line promises not to limit the number of comics that can be read. This is shown by the “Daily schedule” feature. This feature becomes the default when the user opens this software. In this feature, they will catch up on a number of comics published by date. If the comic is newly published, users will see the word “new” in the thumbnail.

The Webtoon application offers 5 languages- English, traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. One of the best features of Line Webtoon is that all the comics provided can be downloaded for free. So, you can read your favorite comics without connecting to internet services wherever and whenever you are. However, comics that have been downloaded can only be read within a period of 30 days.

You don’t need to sync with a Line account to experience all the features. By logging into your Line account, we can share the comics we read on the “Timeline” on your Line account. In addition, you can also share comics on other social media that you have such as Twitter and Facebook. In conclusion, here are the pros and cons of Line Webtooon for you to consider before downloading this software.


  • All comics are available for free.
  • All comics can be downloaded.


  • Almost all comics provided are indie comics.
  • Downloaded comics are only available for 30 days.

How to Use the Application


Now, when you open the “menu” by tapping the 3 lines icon in the top left corner, we will see other features like “top ranking”, “genre”, “settings”, and “My Webtoon”. “Top rated” is shown to tell you a number of comics with good discussion. If you want to search for comics by theme, the “Genres” feature displays a number of available themes such as drama, action, fantasy, romance, etc.).

“My Webtoon” contains very favorite comics. This application also provides a notification feature. With this feature, you will be notified when there are new releases and updates from Webtoon.

LINE Webtoon features

  1. Choosing Favorite Comics by genre
  2. Multi Language (Indonesian included)
  3. Screen Rotation
  4. Image Quality Selection
  5. And still not a little more.


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