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One of the advantages of WA mods is that the interface is very good and stable, and it can also be said that the performance system is better than other WA mods because the software is frequently updated.

About WhatsApp Aero

Whatsapp aero as one of the variations of the heavily changed whatsapp by a depositor from Turkey named Bozkurt Hazarr.

There are some great features that you won’t necessarily get in the regular WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons why whastapp mod apk is more likeable, as there are many great feature options that can be used instantly for free.

You must know that WhatsApp Aero has two versions that you can use. The second version of this software is whatsapp aero lite, the file capacity of WA Aero lite version is really light.

Although the size is lighter than the wa aero mod, some of its features are not much different.

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk Latest 2023

If you are a legitimate user of WhatsApp, but you want to switch to the wa mod version. The data should be backed up first, considering some data is lost in the usual mode.


The steps to download wa aero apk is not difficult, just click on the link we provide below.

App WhatsApp Aero
Category Communication
Version 9.52R
Compatible with 5.0 Android and Up
Size 82 MB

Download Whatsapp Aero Apk 15.40

Download Whatsapp Aero Apk 9.52R

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Features of WhatsApp Aero

If there are readers who are impatient and want to know all the features of the wa aero apk, then you should immediately read the full information about the features of the wa mod in this discussion.

The important thing to pay attention to first when you want to try out a program is to know its feature set.

Just as we have seen, whatsapp mod has always included a variety of cool features in its various forms. Including whatsapp aero, the modder faction has introduced a bunch of cool features including:

1. Remove the blue checklist

If you do not want to be found when opening the contents of a received message, the wa aero app feature can help you with that. Because when this feature is activated, the user can remove the blue ticks easily.

Feature activation steps to remove two checklists in wa aero mod is not difficult, please just follow some steps as below:

– Make WA Aero Mod Apk that you have.

– Go to the settings menu in the program.

– Tap on the Dot / Three Line icon at the top of the wa mod screen.

– After that, you can enter the WA Aero settings menu.

Then tap on the Security and Privacy option.

– Please scroll until you see the option to chat and select the contact.

Tick ​​or select the option Hide Tick Second.

Finally, press OK.

Happy exercise.

2. Remove online status

Lots of WhatsApp users would like to get rid of the internet settings when using the program. If you are one of them, please use the feature to remove online status.

The step of removing online status in WA Aero app is really easy, just activate the feature. Thus, the online status is not present even though you are connected to the internet.

So that you can successfully activate this feature without any hassle, just follow the short guide below:

– Execute WA Aero Apk installed on every mobile phone.

Enter the Aero Privileges menu and press the dots/three lines icon.

– Place the icon at the top, in the right corner of the program screen.

– Please enter Aero settings.

– You can see the option options in the Aero settings menu, please press the privacy and security option.

– After that, the user’s Hide Last Seed Toggle option is activated directly.

– Thus, the user’s connection status has now been eliminated.

– After exercising and happy.

3. Call blocking

Phone and video call blocker is a feature in WhatsApp mod, you can activate it when you don’t want to receive or answer phone calls from someone.

Also, the steps to activate the feature are not as difficult as you think, but there are still many users who cannot activate it. So we have prepared several steps as follows:

Click on WA Aero to open it.

Then tap on the line icon / three dots in the top corner.

– Define settings menu.

– You can see several options given, please select privacy and security.

– Next, select the option Who can contact me.

– There are 3 prepared options, choose one of them as expected.

– Each pick has its own description, please read the description.

– After exercising and happy.

4. Remove text as you type

The next favorite feature of WA Aero is one that can hide your writing state or typing state. The steps for activating the writing state feature are not much different from the beginning.

If this is your first time using wa aero, you will definitely find it difficult to activate this feature. So we have prepared some steps to activate it.

Please read and follow each method we provide below:

– First, execute the wa aero mod which is installed on your Android or iOS device.

Enter the Aero Privileges menu.

Click on the three lines icon at the top.

Then go to Aero settings.

Users will be given options in the Aero settings menu.

– Please select a privacy option.

– Currently activating the written option Toggle Last Seen Hide directly.

– Because of that, the current state of the internet and writing is non-existent or has been smuggled.

Happy exercise.

5. Show WA private mode

Another advantage of wa aero is that you can see other people’s status/story and they have been deleted. The trick is also really simple and straightforward, just follow the guide we provided above.

After entering the privacy option, you have to select the option that says Hide view state or pre-delete.

6. Read deleted messages

Usually, messages that have been deleted or retrieved by the sender cannot be read again. But it is different when using the WhatsApp mod version.

Deleted messages can be seen and read again, because wa aero has a great feature that supports that.

7. Theme options

Are you bored with the normal WhatsApp theme? Hope you are calm, because now there are different variations of WhatsApp mods that provide different types of themes for free.

You can prioritize WhatsApp Aero if you want to change the look of your WhatsApp theme to be cooler and different every day. Users can happily make adjustments to the appearance of the theme, and the theme options are various and free.

The list of features we reviewed above are just a few of the features available in WA Aero, in fact there are many other interesting features that are offered for free.

If you want to know all the features, you can immediately download the latest WhatsApp Aero Mod 2021 via the link we have provided.

8. Take someone else’s place

One of the other interesting features that WA Aero has is that it can take or download cases created by friends.

Of course you can’t get that when using the original version. This way you can easily take the position your colleagues have made.

One thing you need to know, to be able to take WA status or stories, user does not need to install any additional software.

9. Send large files

With the original WhatsApp software, users can only send files of small size.

But this does not apply to using whatsapp aero, users can send large files up to 1 GB.

Interestingly, users can send photos in large numbers at the same time.

10. Send a message without saving the number

In general, before you can send messages or make calls to other users, you must first save the number.

But when using wa aero you can send messages/make phone calls, no need to memorize the number. This will definitely make it simpler.

In fact, there are still many other pro features that WhatsApp Aero Pro Lite has, so please see below for now.


  • Make sure that third party software is allowed on your device: go to Menu → Settings → Security → and tick Unknown Sources
  • Click the downloaded file, then click Install.

  • Of course, each file is checked by antivirus software before being uploaded to the system. Our hosting servers are also checked regularly to avoid any threats.

  • The server we use is a dedicated type and is of high quality and weight which allows the distribution of large amounts of files to all users. Therefore, we believe that the download speed of File.MbahGuru is not inferior to other storage systems.
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