World Cricket Championship 3

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What is the World Cricket Championship 3?


There are many changes from the previous version of the WCC franchise, including gameplay. In World Cricket Championship 3 you choose your squad and arrange the members who play on the field. Then the referee flips a coin to determine the first attacking team. If you win priority, control the racket and try to get the ball into the opponent’s three pillars. Your team receives 3 points for every successful attack.

But, you know, it’s not easy to keep track of that score as this game has a lot of gameplay changes. You have to control players in different positions like pitcher, runner, batsman. The passing of the ball back and forth between teammates is influenced by the force you click. If you can maintain stability with Blue Power, the ball will transfer correctly, maybe even score directly. Otherwise you will lose the ball and go back on defense. In World Cricket Championship 3, there isn’t much opportunity for errors, delays, or inaccuracies as each match is only made up of three rounds.

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WCC3 Mod Apk Features


Upgrade your troops

This is a new feature added to the 3rd edition of the World Cricket Championship series mentioned above. The win consists of part of the player’s control skills, the rest depends on the player – who interacts directly with the ball on the field. They can run faster, make better passes, or throw the ball if they’re good enough. If you want to improve the quality of your players, go to Upgrades.

Each player has two types of skills including fielding and batting. Each skill includes various other skills like accuracy, dodging, running speed, ball catching, throwing speed, sure hand, recovery speed, etc. They directly affect your team’s performance on the field. If you think about it, if your army is strong enough, has good health, and skills, you have many advantages over rivals.

From a different perspective, this upgrade is essential. Because if you win to enter the round of the championship tournament, you will meet strong and experienced opponents. When the squad is less balanced, it is difficult to advance.


World Cricket Championship 3 features many game modes including tournament mode, quick play, challenge friends, beat rivals, championships and, more recently, online rivals. Now you have the opportunity to experience real matches with other players in the same system instead of AI. Matches will automatically match based on your achievements. With a large cricket community, the competition becomes very interesting.


You can easily see how Nextwave Multimedia is committed to its product and player experience as it constantly updates new tournaments and events. There are a lot of interesting things waiting for you in every game. You have new challenges to master and at the same time the opportunity to receive loads of valuable bonuses and prizes!


The World Cricket Championship 3 graphics were developed on a sharp 3D platform. You enjoyed the power of graphics in Part 2. The characters and games still show up honestly with cheers and emotions from every team member. However, his vision changed slightly. It’s shifted a little further so you can cover a larger area.

The game’s homepage design is the same. You can drag sideways to explore new game modes, features, and events. In particular, the screen is an image of all the players on your team. Do you feel their solidarity and determination?