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For those of us who are interested in daily activities as truck drivers, this new mobile simulator from Dynamic Games Ltda will certainly provide you with an amazing experience with these activities. Even so, with World Truck Driving Simulator, Android gamers will catch up with themselves playing real truck drivers by immersing in absolute simulations of their daily activities.

Get a realistically crafted truck and get access to a complete selection of controls. Drive on realistic roads and splash with real traffic like you are driving a real truck. And at the same time, don’t hesitate to have fun with the many unique in-game features, such as dynamic weather, stunning visual effects, accurate in-game physics, and much more.

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World Truck Driving Simulator Review


In the game, Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will have the opportunity to get involved in the truck driving business when you start the amazing in-game simulation. Explore the vast and unique in-game features and experience with dozens of different trucks to ride, realistic control mechanisms and incredible gameplay.

Feel free to start our truck driving experience with various types of vehicles and get our own license for each type of vehicle. Have full control of the vehicle with intuitive adjustments in the cockpit. And take advantage of the available handling mechanics to effectively guide the truck in the direction we want.

And most importantly, with World Truck Driving Simulator, Android gamers will have the opportunity to experience a realistic driving experience on each route. Even so, the game offers realistic traffic with moving cars, pedestrians, and lots of intuitive road signs or signals that you need to follow. Together with the dynamic weather and environment, World Truck Driving Simulator offers a spectacular truck simulation experience that is sure to please you.

Features World Truck Driving Simulator

Here are all the spectacular features the game has to offer:


1. Get a collection of trucks with unique elements

First of all, Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will find themselves able to use a number of amazing truck models when you start your best driving simulation gameplay. Feel free to ride your attractive truck with unique construction, different gears, varied engines and equipped with special models for Brazil, Europe and America.

And with each type of truck, you can unlock your own attractive driving license for our own driving activities. Collect all of this when you start your long distance driving experience with the cars mentioned. To make this feature even more interesting, World Truck Driving Simulator even offers you the option to include your own image under the license, making the game much more exciting and fun.

Last but not least, when you do your truck driving job, the game also offers you a wide variety of cargo that you can pick up. With every exciting and engaging in-game experience offering, you will certainly find many of your items the most enjoyable.

2. Customize your favorite truck and experience your in-game

Apart from experiencing our journey on the truck, players in World Truck Driving Simulator are also given the option to quickly create all kinds of evolutions on our vehicles. That said, you can start directly inside the cockpit by adjusting the driver’s position in the cabin. Plus, gamers can even rework the look of their truck, paint new graphics on your trailer, and so on. Feel free to use the available options when you experience our truck driving experience.

3. in-game physics with accurate movements

To make our driving simulation gameplay even more realistic, even Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator can immerse themselves in their amazing journey with accurate in-game physics. Nonetheless, we will pursue the handling and movement of our trucks highly provoked by the road situation, the loads we carry on trailers, and the various types of trucks. Finding our handling is much more difficult when carrying heavy loads and traveling on wet routes. Realistic physics will make this game more immersive and fun.

4. Control our vehicles effectively with intuitive handling options

For those of us interested, the game also features in-depth and intuitive control options for your vehicle, each with its own variation. Because of this, gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator can use their many different types of controls to effectively adjust your steering, change direction by controlling the wheels, arrange our preferred speed settings with different gearbox arrangements, and so on. For navigation, World Truck Driving Simulator features a comprehensive radar and a GPS option for you to access a comprehensive map and retrieve intuitive navigation instructions.

5. Dynamic truck simulation to the greatest detail

To make this game more interesting, gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will catch up with themselves driving a realistically built machine with an accurate build and available features. Therefore, in your truck, there will be various types of differential locks, accessible motor brakes, high lights, low light, and so on. Feel free to access these features when you really immerse yourself in the incredible truck simulation gameplay. You can even pursue dynamic simulations in detail with realistic smoke in the exhaust, or burning tracks on the asphalt road.

6. Realistic road simulation with real traffic and environment

Along with the incredible truck simulation experience, even Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will catch up with themselves experiencing the spectacular gameplay with breathtaking traffic and environment. Even so, the game offers accurate traffic with moving cars, traveling pedestrians, dirty roads, accurate road signs and so on. Drive safely and follow the laws to complete your long distance journey. Or you will receive a fine for violating traffic conditions.

With a huge map that offers an incredible experience of the uncovered world, Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will certainly catch themselves up to experience the journey to its fullest. Not to mention the dynamic weather and the day / night cycle will really captivate us into the experience.

7. Exciting truck driving activity simulation

As you embark on the ultimate truck driving simulation experience, players in World Truck Driving Simulator can even catch themselves having access to unique aspects of their activity. That is, not only driving and feeling the intuitive gameplay, we will catch yourself immersed in many spectacular in-game activities with your truck driving activities.

Start by checking your latest dividend and expense reports, gamers can even interact with people in your truck driving company. Pass through toll gates, tax stations, gas stations, and get involved in many unique events in the game.

8. Enjoy exciting gameplay with friends and online game players

And for those of you who are interested, this game also offers a unique online gameplay for all Android gamers from all over the world to experience their driving experience. However, we can start the game by joining the Leaderboard and racing for the highest position. And at the same time, don’t hesitate to complete dozens of different in-game achievements and earn your bragging rights.

Last but not least, with a detailed license, we can even indicate the level of driving, transport, distance traveled and other unique information for your friends.

9. Stay energetic for new updates

As if that weren’t enough, gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will also enjoy the many new features in the promised update. Here, we can have fun with a number of new features that will be introduced with improved gameplay.

10. Free to play

And despite all these spectacular features, even Android gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will find themselves having access to unique gameplay for free. Therefore, it is most likely for you to get games from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

11. Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

Plus, to fully unlock our exciting gameplay in World Truck Driving Simulator, gamers can also pick up a modified version of our game. With unlimited money, unlocked features, and an ad-free experience, you’ll always find this game much more exciting and fun. And you just need to download and install World Truck Driving Simulator Mod APK on our website.

Visual and sound quality


  • Chart

Don’t hesitate to dive into the world of truck driving simulator and enjoy the realistic gameplay of World Truck Driving Simulator with stunning visual experience. Here, Android gamers can have fun with trucks that are built and designed brilliantly, together with aesthetically pleasing and accurate cities, each of your trips will feel more realistic and enjoyable. Feel free to experience dynamic visuals with immersive weather and stunning visual effects. And very importantly, thanks to the available graphics settings, you can run and run games, even on the cellphone downstairs study.

  • Sound / Music

Together with the strong visuals, gamers in World Truck Driving Simulator will also catch themselves experiencing the fun gameplay with accurate sound effects. Enjoy an immersive driving experience with our car and its surroundings. The whole experience will make you feel as if you are actually on the road with your truck.


For those of us who have enjoyed Taxi Sim, Construction Simulator 3, along with a number of other driving simulator titles, you will certainly find this new game from Dynamic Games to be very fun and realistic. Because of this, an immersive and exciting driving experience is sure to make you feel the game to its fullest. On the other hand, with our modded and unlocked versions of the game ready to download, there is no reason for us to refuse this spectacular title.