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What is YouTube Music Premium?

Before getting into the main discussion topic, Jaka wants to briefly explain what YouTube Music means. As the name suggests, YouTube Music is a YouTube product.


With YouTube, you can search for and listen to your favorite music. This app is already available in 77 countries and released for home assistant platforms, Android, iOS, and PC.

Armed with a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store with over 100 million users, YouTube Music confidently releases both a basic version and a premium version.

In the premium version, there are of course many special features which are not available in the basic version. One of its main features is listening to music in the background.

You have to remember that YouTube was originally a video platform. Therefore, background music listening is very special for people who prefer to listen to songs from YouTube.

The number of songs on YouTube is definitely more numerous and diverse compared to the mainstream music apps like Spotify. Moreover, you can listen to music while watching the video.

To subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, you have to spend IDR 59,000 per month for personal purchase or IDR 89,000 per month for family package.

If you want to keep listening to music in the background without ads on YouTube Music but don’t want to pay, you can download YouTube Music MOD Premium APK.

Download YouTube Music MOD APK Latest

How about that, gang, were you tempted with YouTube Music MOD Premium? No need to worry about searching, Jaka has prepared a special download link for you.


Before downloading this app, you should also know the specification of YouTube Music MOD APK. Here are the specifications of YouTube Music MOD Premium:

App YouTube Music
Category Music & Audio
Version 5.39.52
Compatible with 4.3 Android and Up
Size 16 MB | 6 MB

Download YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk

Download File MicroG Youtube Music

YouTube Music Premium Premium Features

Talking about the excellent features of YouTube Music MOD Premium, you will definitely feel tempted. do not believe? If so, just take a look, come on!


1. You can play in the background

In fact, this is a very common feature found in other online music player apps. However, YouTube itself is a video-based platform, so playing music in the background was previously impossible.

2. No ads

YouTube is not only a platform for creativity, but also for making money through AdSense. That’s why YouTube videos, including music, must contain ads.

Well, with YouTube Music MOD APK, you no longer need to be bothered by ads in the middle of a song.

3. High sound quality

What makes people love to listen to music? Of course to entertain yourself and relax. But what happens if the music you listen to is of poor quality?

Instead of feeling better, you get frustrated with the raspy sound quality. Fortunately, YouTube Music MOD APK has high audio quality.

4. Songs can be downloaded

The next excellent feature of YouTube Music MOD APK is that you can download songs so that you can listen to the song frequently without worrying about running out of your quota.

So it saves more on your internal memory, because you don’t need to install separate app to download songs.


5. Search for songs by songs

Have you ever liked a song but forgot the title? YouTube Music MOD allows you to search for songs using only snippets of song lyrics that you can remember.

Well, obviously you don’t need to install the lyrics app separately anymore, if you have installed YouTube Music MOD app.

6. Millions of songs

As Jaka said before, the collection of songs and artists on YouTube is much larger than it is on mainstream music streaming apps.

7. Free and Unbanned

Another excellent feature of YouTube Music MOD APK, of course, is that this app is free and safe. You also do not need to root your mobile phone, which is guaranteed to be safe from ban.

If you love to listen to independent songs, then YouTube Music MOD APK can be the right solution for you.


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